Funding is available from Somerville towards the cost of academic-related activity such as discretionary travel or projects. Please note that these awards cannot be used to fund core or compulsory elements of a student’s degree.

This webpage will be updated in September with information about 2024-25 awards.

2023-24 eligibility

Enrolled graduates in the first four years of their course are eligible. Students who are on suspension, visiting students, associate students and finalists whose project will take place after the end of their course are not eligible. Applicants should be in need of financial support for discretionary travel or projects relating to their studies. Core or compulsory elements of a student’s degree cannot be funded through these awards. Students should also apply for other funding sources such as department or faculty travel grants. Please note that travel to places where students are usually resident when not in Oxford will not normally be funded.

The planned travel or project must start after a certain date each term. It is not possible to be awarded retrospective funding unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

2023-24 award levels

Environmental sustainability is integral to Somerville’s commitment to social responsibility. Students who are applying for funding for travel within Europe are incentivised to choose lower carbon travel solutions. The following award levels will apply unless there are exceptional circumstances. These could include disabilities that prevent long train journeys, caring responsibilities or the need to avoid travelling through particular countries. All the figures shown are the maximum amounts available over the length of the course.

  1 year courses 2 year courses 3 year courses
Travel within the UK or outside Europe (standard award) Up to £400 Up to £800 Up to £1,150
Travel within Europe which does not involve flying (increased by 20%) Up to £480 Up to £960 Up to £1,380
Travel within Europe which involves flying (reduced by 20%) Up to £320 Up to £640 Up to £920


Students should refer to the University’s Guide to Sustainable Business Travel for information about reducing carbon emissions. They are also encouraged to offset flights using an offsetting scheme compliant with the Gold Standard.

2023-24 application process

  • Graduates should complete the application form and email it to their Supervisor, copying in their College Adviser and We recommend that this is done at least a week before the application deadline. This is to allow enough time for Supervisors to complete their section. Students should also include any evidence of estimated or actual costs.
  • Supervisors should complete their section and email the application form to by the deadline.
  • The Scholarships and Funding Officer will forward applications to College Advisers for their comments.

2023-24 application and project deadlines

Applications are accepted each term.

Term Deadline for application to be received from Supervisor Project must start after this date
Michaelmas Term 2023 12 noon on Monday 16th October 2023 Wednesday 1st November 2023
Hilary Term 2024 12 noon on Monday 22nd January 2024 Wednesday 7th February 2024
Trinity Term 2024 12 noon on Monday 6th May 2024 Wednesday 22nd May 2024



Decisions will be made by Somerville College Travel and Special Project Grants Committee.


Successful applicants will be expected to submit a report after the completion of their project.


If you have any queries, please email the Scholarships and Funding Officer.