The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust (MTST) was established in 2013 to promote and advance education at the University of Oxford, and Somerville College in particular. Our goal is to support and nurture the growing community of Thatcher Scholars at Somerville and provide all Somervillians with the academic, personal and career development they need to achieve their full potential.

Founding Principles

The MTST works to advance and promote the impact of an Oxford and specifically Somerville education via three core objectives:

  1. the awarding of full scholarships at undergraduate and graduate level for the brightest students who have the potential to benefit from a Somerville education;
  2. the provision of all students with academic, personal and career development through the Somerville Development Programme and its comprehensive range of workshops, seminars, internships, courses and mentoring;
  3. the funding of innovative projects that will empower students’ personal growth while having a positive impact on others through the Thatcher Development Awards.

In time, we envisage that the Thatcher Scholars will comprise a body of thinkers, leaders and change-makers whose influence will extend into courtrooms, boardrooms, newsrooms, hospitals, NGOs, schools, universities and governments around the world. From there, they will forge a better future for their generation and those that follow. 


The MTST is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Its registered charity number is 1154547. The sole member of the charity is Somerville College and the charity is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The academic profile of the Thatcher Scholarship Programme is considered by the Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust Committee, which is comprised of Fellows and Officers of the College, reporting to the Governing Body.

The MTST is additionally supported by an international group of patrons, many of whom were colleagues or counterparts of Lady Thatcher.