It is often said that when you come to Oxford, your college becomes your extended family. At the heart of that family is your personal or lead tutor, assisted by the other tutors with whom you’ll work during the course of your degree. 

The dynamic between student and tutor at Oxford is a unique and influential one. Yes, they guide your academic development. But as experts in both academia and the peculiarities of Oxford life, they are the first, best people whom you’ll turn to with any problems academic or personal. In return, you’ll come to view them with affection and respect, forming a bond that often lasts a lifetime. 

Use the following search facility to learn more about the Somerville tutors, their specialisms and research interests.


Meet Our Tutors

Rowan Wilson

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Rowan Wilson

Thomas Siday

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Researcher in Ultrafast Terahertz Microscopy
Learn More Thomas Siday

Miranda Rogers

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Clare Rees-Zimmerman

Stipendiary Lecturer; Junior Research Fellow (Christchurch College)
Learn More Clare Rees-Zimmerman

Chloe Pieters

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Chloe Pieters

Frederick Morgan

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Guillermo Íñiguez Martinez

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Guillermo Íñiguez Martinez

Kenneth Hughes

Stipendiary Lecturer, Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Atomic Interferometry
Learn More Kenneth Hughes

David Chapman

Senior Research Associate, Department of Engineering; Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More David Chapman

Simon Cassidy

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Simon Cassidy

Daniel Barker-Flores

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Learn More Daniel Barker-Flores

Eleanor Bath

Stipendiary Lecturer; Departmental Lecturer in Biology (Behaviour), Department of Zoology
Learn More Eleanor Bath

Roxanne Zhang

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Mick Gielen

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Jonas Antor

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Jonas Antor

Felicity Brown

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Felicity Brown

Alastair Ahamed

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Alastair Ahamed

Emily Flashman

Fellow and Tutor in Biology; Associate Professor in Molecular Plant Sciences
Learn More Emily Flashman

Amina Zarzi

Stipendiary Lecturer in French
Learn More Amina Zarzi

Byron Spring

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Samantha Sebastian Dieckmann

Fellow & Tutor in Music; Associate Professor in Music Faculty of Music
Learn More Samantha Sebastian Dieckmann

Esther Cavett

Stipendiary Lecturer at Somerville College; Senior Research Fellow, Kings College London
Learn More Esther Cavett

Stephen Smith

Stipendiary Lecturer

Konstantina Vogiatzaki

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering
Learn More Konstantina Vogiatzaki

Gillian Lamb

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Gillian Lamb

Clea Desebrock

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Clea Desebrock

Sam Warburton

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Yifan Zhang

Stipendiary Lecturer

Jasper Theodor Kauth

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Learn More Jasper Theodor Kauth

Katherine English

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; CRUK Clinical Research Training Fellow
Learn More Katherine English

Tommy Pitcher

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Orna Ni Bhroin

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Felix Pflücke

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Anthony Kennedy

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Anthony Kennedy

Matthew Hosty

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Matthew Hosty

Sanah Ali

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Sanah Ali

Aradhana Vadekkethil

Lord and Lady McNair Early Career Fellow in Law; Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Aradhana Vadekkethil

Young Chan Kim

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow; Principal Investigator; Junior Research Fellow (Wolfson); NHS Doctor
Learn More Young Chan Kim

Almut Suerbaum

Fellow & Tutor in German; Professor of German
Learn More Almut Suerbaum

Ole Hinz

German Lektor
Learn More Ole Hinz

Helen Flatley

Departmental Lecturer
Learn More Helen Flatley

Susan Anthony

Retaining Fee Lecturer; Consultant Radiologist
Learn More Susan Anthony

Vilma de Gasperin

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Xon De Ros

Stipendiary Lecturer; Professor of Modern Spanish Studies; Rhodes Trust D M Stewart Fellow and Tutor, Lady Margaret Hall
Learn More Xon De Ros

Hanne Eckhoff

College Lecturer
Learn More Hanne Eckhoff

Stephanie Dalley

Senior Research Fellow in Assyriology
Learn More Stephanie Dalley

Susan Dunning

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow; Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Susan Dunning

Dean Sheppard

Departmental Lecturer
Learn More Dean Sheppard

Antony Palmer

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer
Learn More Antony Palmer

Elizabeth Morris

Retaining Fee Lecturer; Wellcome Trust Doctoral Research Fellow; Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Elizabeth Morris

Eleanor Grant

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Kezia Gaitskell

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; Academic Clinical Lecturer in Histopathology
Learn More Kezia Gaitskell

Vanessa Ferreira

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer; British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine; Honorary Consultant Cardiologist; Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall
Learn More Vanessa Ferreira

Ruth Corrigan

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Grace Barnes

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Grace Barnes

Nisha Singh

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Nisha Singh

Ain Neuhaus

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Ain Neuhaus

Aaron Henry

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Aaron Henry

Oliver Harmson

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Oliver Harmson

Rachel Exley

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Rachel Exley

Bryony Sheaves

Research Fellow (Somerville); Research Clinical Psychologist (Experimental Psychology); Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust)
Learn More Bryony Sheaves

Ana Sofia Cerdeira

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Ana Sofia Cerdeira

Victoria Stokes

Lecturer in Clinical Medicine
Learn More Victoria Stokes

Richard Brearton

Retaining Fee Lecturer
Learn More Richard Brearton

Naomi Petela

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Naomi Petela

John Traill

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More John Traill

Graeme Smith

Lecturer in Physics
Learn More Graeme Smith

Kerstin Timm

Stipendiary Lecturer; BHF CRE Intermediate Transition Research Fellow
Learn More Kerstin Timm

Timothy Walker

Senior Stipendiary Lecturer in Plant Sciences; Former Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum
Learn More Timothy Walker

Richard Ashdowne

Lecturer in Linguistics
Learn More Richard Ashdowne

Alice Barron

Stipendiary Lecturer
Learn More Alice Barron

Dr Michael Ashdown

Practitioner Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Law
Learn More Dr Michael Ashdown

Helen Ashdown

Janet Vaughan Tutor in Clinical Medicine (Somerville); General Practitioner; Clinical Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
Learn More Helen Ashdown

Quentin Miller

Lecturer in Computer Science
Learn More Quentin Miller

Kamel El Omari

Senior Beamline Scientist at Diamond Light Source; Lecturer in Biochemistry
Learn More Kamel El Omari

Noa Zilberman

Fellow & Tutor in Engineering; Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Learn More Noa Zilberman

Philip West

Fellow & Tutor in Early Modern English Literature; Associate Professor of English
Learn More Philip West

Robin Klemm

Fellow & Tutor in Medicine; Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism
Learn More Robin Klemm

Annie Sutherland

Rosemary Woolf Fellow & Tutor in Old and Middle English; Professor of Medieval Literature
Learn More Annie Sutherland

Beate Dignas

Barbara Craig Fellow & Tutor in Ancient History; Associate Professor in Ancient History
Learn More Beate Dignas

Benjamin Thompson

Fellow and Tutor in Medieval History; Associate Professor of Medieval History; Associate Head (Education) of Humanities Division, Oxford University
Learn More Benjamin Thompson

Charles Spence

Fellow & Tutor in Experimental Psychology; Professor of Experimental Psychology and Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory
Learn More Charles Spence

Charlotte Potts

Woolley Fellow & Tutor in Classical Archaeology; Sybille Haynes Lecturer in Etruscan and Italic Archaeology and Art
Learn More Charlotte Potts

Christopher Hare

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Travers Smith Associate Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law; Dean
Learn More Christopher Hare

Damian Tyler

Additional Fellow and Tutor in Medicine; Professor of Physiological Metabolism; British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow; Director of MR Physics at the Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research (OCMR)
Learn More Damian Tyler

Dan Ciubotaru

Diana Brown Fellow & Tutor in Pure Maths; Professor of Mathematics
Learn More Dan Ciubotaru

Luke Pitcher

Fellow & Tutor in Classics; Associate Professor in Classical Languages and Literature
Learn More Luke Pitcher

Daniel Anthony

Fellow & Tutor in Medicine; Professor of Experimental Neuropathology
Learn More Daniel Anthony

Patricia Owens

Fellow & Tutor in International Relations; Professor of International Relations
Learn More Patricia Owens

Natalia Nowakowska

Fellow & Tutor in History; Professor in Early Modern History
Learn More Natalia Nowakowska

Louise Mycock

Fellow & Tutor in Linguistics; Associate Professor in Linguistics
Learn More Louise Mycock

Lois McNay

Shirley Williams Fellow & Tutor in Politics; Professor of Theory of Politics; Vice-Principal
Learn More Lois McNay

Renaud Lambiotte

Fellow & Tutor in Mathematics; Professor of Networks and Nonlinear Systems
Learn More Renaud Lambiotte

Elena Seiradake

Fellow & Tutor in Biochemistry; Professor in Molecular Biology
Learn More Elena Seiradake

Simon Kemp

Fellow & Tutor in French; Associate Professor of French
Learn More Simon Kemp

Michelle Jackson

Fellow & Tutor in Ecology; Associate Professor of Freshwater/Marine Ecology
Learn More Michelle Jackson

Michael Hayward

Sue and Kevin Scollan Fellow & Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry; Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Learn More Michael Hayward

Faridah Zaman

Fellow & Tutor in History; Associate Professor of the History of Britain and the World
Learn More Faridah Zaman

Julie Dickson

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Professor of Legal Philosophy
Learn More Julie Dickson

Jonathan Burton

Sue and Kevin Scollan Fellow & Tutor in Organic Chemistry; Professor of Organic Chemistry
Learn More Jonathan Burton

Francesca Southerden

Fellow & Tutor in Italian; Professor of Italian
Learn More Francesca Southerden

Fiona Stafford FBA, FRSE

Fellow & Tutor in English Literature; Professor of English Language and Literature