Being a non-denominational college, we do not hold a weekly religious service nor have a Chaplain. Instead, we host a Choral Contemplation programme organised by our Chapel Director, where you can hear speakers from every faith (and no faith) discussing their religious and spiritual lives.

Accompanied by music from the Somerville College Choir, Choral Contemplations enable us to offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by our society. In the past, we have fortunate to welcome, among others, a speaker from the Africa Prisons Project (now Justice Defenders), Prof Anita Mehta, who spoke on her meditations in music; and Prof Robin Dunbar, an Evolutionary Psychologist who helped enhance our understanding of Solitude.

Please do reach out to the Chapel Director if there’s a particular speaker who you would like to recommend.

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Archive of Choral Contemplation Addresses

We will aim to share here an archive of recent addresses from our Choral Contemplations Programme. 

Leavers’ Service, June 2021 – Monty Sharma

Reflection during Pride Month, 2021 – Isaac Walton

Communal Equanimity in a Gilded Age, April 2021 – Monty Sharma