Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

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Prateek Agrawal

Fellow & Tutor in Physics; Associate Professor in Particle Physics
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Daniel Anthony

Fellow & Tutor in Medicine; Professor of Experimental Neuropathology
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Jonathan Burton

Sue and Kevin Scollan Fellow & Tutor in Organic Chemistry; Professor of Organic Chemistry
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Sarah Butler

Librarian and Head of Information Services
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Dan Ciubotaru

Diana Brown Fellow & Tutor in Pure Maths; Professor of Mathematics
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Julie Dickson

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Professor of Legal Philosophy
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Samantha Sebastian Dieckmann

Fellow & Tutor in Music; Associate Professor in Music Faculty of Music
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Beate Dignas

Barbara Craig Fellow & Tutor in Ancient History; Associate Professor in Ancient History
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Emily Flashman

Fellow and Tutor in Biology; Associate Professor in Molecular Plant Sciences
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Christopher Hare

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Travers Smith Associate Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law; Dean
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Michael Hayward

Sue and Kevin Scollan Fellow & Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry; Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
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Michelle Jackson

Fellow & Tutor in Ecology; Associate Professor of Freshwater/Marine Ecology
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Sara Kalim

Fellow and Director of Development
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Simon Kemp

Fellow & Tutor in French; Associate Professor of French
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James Kirkpatrick

Fixed-Term Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy
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Robin Klemm

Fellow & Tutor in Medicine; Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism
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Chris Wells

Head of Maintenance
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Tahira Abdul

JCR Suspended Students Officer
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Irangani Abeysekera

Honorary Fellow
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Pauline Adams

Emeritus Fellow

Margaret Adams

Emeritus Fellow

Payal Agarwal

Matric Year: 2022 - Subject: BCL - Scholarship: Ratanshaw Bomanji Zaiwalla Scholar
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Avani Agarwal

Matric Year: 2021 – Subject: BCL – Scholarship: HSA Advocates Scholar
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