Somerville was founded to include the excluded.

It was created for women when universities refused them entry, and for people of diverse beliefs when conformity was essential if you wanted to succeed.

Today, you’ll find a co-educational community that shares a culture of progressive thinking, academic excellence, and fun. We are a college that doesn’t follow the pack, where what you think and do will always matter more than where you came from.

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Are you considering Somerville as your college? One of the best ways to make your decision is to learn more about your tutors. After all, they are the bedrock of your learning experience at Oxford.

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Open Days

Websites are all well and good. But the best way to get to know Somerville is to come and see us. Find out about our forthcoming Open Days here.

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Don't Panic

Applying to Oxford can feel quite daunting – but it doesn't have to be that way. Our Applying to Oxford page can help demystify the process for you, and our brilliant Access Team are here to answer any questions you might still have.

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The Academic Office team

From your first visit to the day you graduate, the Academic Office will play a vital role in your time at Somerville. Led by the Senior Tutor, our friendly and supportive team will oversee every aspect of your academic life, from the little things like study materials to the big stuff like scholarships and exams.

If you want to contact them, get in touch via

Steve Rayner Senior Tutor
Jo Ockwell Welfare Support and Policy Officer
Julia Hill Undergraduate Officer
Saphire Richards Tutorial and Graduate Officer
Victoria Wilson Scholarships and Funding Officer
Nuala Marshall Access and Outreach Support Officer
Hannah Pack Access Officer
Karen Mason Executive Assistant to the Senior Tutor and Fellows

What's happening at Somerville

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Megan Chester wins Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award

Megan Chester wins Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award

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OICSD scholar awarded Rufford grant for research on forest birds in eastern Indian Himalayas

OICSD scholar awarded Rufford grant for research on forest birds in eastern Indian Himalayas

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2020 Leavers’ Weekend

2020 Leavers’ Weekend
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