The Chapel is a centre of the college’s wellbeing activities, which include weekly classes in mindfulness meditation, TaiChi QiGong and yoga. These activities are open not merely to current members of the JCR, MCR and SCR, but also our alumni.

Please do reach out to the Chapel Director, if you would like to recommend the trial of a new technique or teacher.

Faith-Specific Consultations

Recognising the importance of individual beliefs and faiths, the Chapel Director is able to provide referral to faith-specific Chaplains and priests to help students navigate any religious or spiritual concerns.

Contact the Chapel Director

Wellbeing Classes

Our weekly classes in TaiChi QiGong, yoga and mindfulness meditation are a popular source of calm and contemplation during our hectic daily lives. Learn more about our brilliant instructors and then sign up below.

In Michaelmas Term, we will be offering:

  • 2 sessions of Yoga with Mariella on Mondays (5:30-6:30pm and 6:30-7:30pm)
  • Mindfulness with Barbara on Wednesdays (5:30-6:30pm).


Learn more about the wellbeing activities offered by Somerville College Chapel.

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Our Wellbeing Instructors

Dr Barbara Jikai Gabrys: Meditation

Learn More
Dr Barbara Jikai Gabrys: Meditation

Mariella De Martini

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Mariella De Martini

Sign-ups for Somerville College Wellbeing activities are now closed for Hilary 2023. They will reopen in Trinity 2023.

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