The college’s Education Committee awards Scholarships and Exhibitions for work of special merit, starting from the end of the first year of an undergraduate course.

Scholarships and Exhibitions may be awarded at any time after the end of your first year for especially good work. They are awarded for one year. Holders of Scholarships and Exhibitions receive a prize to the value of £500 per annum for Scholars, and £200 per annum for Exhibitioners (although these values are subject to review early in Michaelmas Term and may change). Scholars and exhibitioners are also entitled to wear a Scholar’s gown.

Awards are not automatically renewed and must be re-earned each year. Scholars and Exhibitioners will not receive their awards for any terms in which they are not in residence in Oxford (e.g. because of illness or spending a year abroad). If you have gained leave of absence from the college’s Governing Body, or you need to time off from your studies for certifiable medical reasons, your award will be paused and resumed when you return.

If a Tutor is dissatisfied with the effort or attendance of a Scholar or Exhibitioner, they may choose to report this to the Education Committee or the Governing Body. An unfavourable report will not normally be made without prior notice to the student concerned. Tutors also make reports to the committee about especially good work by their students.

If you have any questions, please email the Scholarships and Funding Officer, Victoria Wilson.