Alice Horsman Scholarships for Alumni

Application form

The application form will be available to download from Monday 28th September. This will include more information about the scholarship criteria and eligibility.

Award levels

Up to £1,000. In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to make awards of up to £2,000.

Application process

Students should complete the application form and email it to the Scholarships and Funding Officer. A reference should also be submitted by the deadline.

Application deadlines

Applications are accepted three times a year. They must be received 12 noon on the following dates.

  • Monday 19th October
  • Monday 25th January
  • Monday 12th April

Reference deadlines

References must be received by 12 noon on the following dates.

  • Wednesday 28th October
  • Wednesday 3rd February
  • Wednesday 21st April


Decisions are made by the Travel and Special Project Grants Committee.


Students are expected to submit a report after they have completed their travel or project.


Please email the Scholarships and Funding Officer (