Shahana’s Story

I completed an MSc in Contemporary India in 2014 with the generous helping hand of the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development. I am now continuing with my studies with an MPhil in Social Anthropology, leading to a DPhil.  The Centre provides great opportunities to interact with academics from numerous fields and backgrounds and so has given me an understanding of the core issues facing India right now like food security and climate. [ Read more]

I am specialising in the education of Muslim girls in India in Madrasas.  In my research I hope to challenge the clichés on this subject and argue that Madrasa learning could be made compatible with modern learning.  So for example, I focus in particular on the Kerala Model of Islamic education, which encompasses religious instruction and regular schooling.   Through my research, I aim to provide a sound evidence base for policy makers and education specialists.  In particular I hope that my research will contribute to the scheme for the Modernization of Madrasas being undertaken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.   My aim is to complete at DPhil in Oxford and then apply to the Indian Administrative Service, where I hope to contribute to India’s future, informed by my studies at Oxford.

Thesis: Changing Traditions. Studying ‘Hybridity’ in Islamic schools for Girls in India