Our Chapel and Choir are unique among Oxford colleges. True to the spirit of our founders, who chose not to impose any faith on Somerville, both Chapel and Choir are non-denominational in their practice and vision. The services they offer and the music they sing are defined by an eclecticism and openness which make them an essential part of daily life in College.

The Choir

Somerville College Choir is young by Oxford standards, yet has achieved a phenomenal amount since its foundation. Professionally directed, we've released several albums with commercial labels, undertaken international tours and performed live on national radio. However, the real strength of our Choir is its freedom from convention. That's what enables us to perform such a diverse repertoire and have such fine while doing it!

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The Chapel

‘A house of prayer for all people’ reads the motto carved in Greek above the entrance to the Somerville College Chapel – and so it has proved. Following the vision of its founder, the adventurer and writer Emily Georgiana Kemp, the Chapel today is a place where people of all nationalities and religions can not only pray, but discuss, meditate upon and celebrate their spiritual lives.

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Somervillians inspired by Afghan women’s orchestra residency

Somervillians inspired by Afghan women’s orchestra residency