Somerville College is proud to maintain several programmes of influential research and scholarship, each of which embodies the College’s overarching commitment to extending opportunities for scholarship and facilitating ground-breaking research.

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development

The Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development (OICSD) is a unique Oxford-India partnership created to advance research on the complex challenges and opportunities posed by sustainable development in India. The three core objectives of the OICSD are to develop future leaders through fully-funded scholarships for talented Indian graduates, to address the core sustainable development challenges facing India through interdisciplinary research and to translate academic research into policy-relevant actions and impacts in the UK, India and beyond. 

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The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust

The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust (MTST) was established in 2013 to advance and promote the impact of an Oxford and specifically Somerville education through the awarding of full scholarships at undergraduate and graduate level, the funding of innovative projects to empower individuals and communities, and the provision of academic, personal and career development to all Somerville students. Our vision is that, in due course, the MTST will constitute a body of scholars whose positive influence will be felt in boardrooms, newsrooms, hospitals, NGOs, schools, universities and governments around the world. 

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The Somerville Medievalist Research Group

The Somerville Medievalist Research Group is the largest college-based group of medievalists in Oxford. Genuinely interdisciplinary, the group’s interests range from manuscripts to music theory, from genre to gender studies, and from the British Isles to Russia. In the past ten years, the Somerville Medievalist Research Group has organised multiple conferences and workshops that have led to three co-authored publications, with a fourth book imminent. 

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