We collect personal data directly from you, but also may collect and generate data from different sources. Our Record of Processing Activities can provide further detail regarding the sources of each category of personal data we collect and process.

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Source of Data

How Data is Collected

Directly from you

  • direct contact via telephone, letters or email

  • online contact forms

  • receiving orders, requests and/or payments

  • processing applications

  • requests for information electronically or otherwise

  • provide feedback or contact us

  • Proof of identify such as passports or birth certificates

Information we gather using technology, and how you use technology (for example recognising behavioural patterns)

  • when you access our website (an IP address for example)

  • statistical information we receive from applications such as Google Analytics. For more information about google analytics see www.google.com/analytics

  • when you access the college (CCTV)

Other sources

Staff, the University of Oxford, researchers, family members, donors, supporters, visitors