Please find below the complete list of different types of personal data that we will process depending on your interaction with us. 

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Relationship with us

Data Collected

Categories of Data Subjects

A website user

Online activity based on your interaction with us, including:

  • Internet protocol (IP) address or other unique device identifiers.

  • Login data, browser type, version and settings, browser plug-in types.

  • Your operating system and platform.

  • Time and dates of access and time zone settings and location.

  • Information provided via a web form.

  • Searches conducted, site visits and versions.

  • Attempts to log onto closed sites.

  • Crash data.

Staff, students, alumni and users of the College website including members of the public

Our current students

Data relating to your application to and education at the college, including:

  • UCAS information including predicted grades, academic record, personal statement

  • Health, age, gender, religion, ethnicity

  • Disability information

  • Emergency contact information

  • Criminal convictions, allegations or charges

  • Contact details

  • Photograph

  • Details of the course being studied

  • School, previous educational establishments/employers’ references

  • Family members information

  • Financial information for example bank and payment information, fee status & funding information, information regarding outstanding fees and student loans status, University fees

  • Student contract

  • Accommodation records including tenancy or licence agreements

  • Attendance and student status records

  • Welfare records

  • Data necessary for the function of the college including data regarding your assessed work, library loans and IT use

  • Our assessment of your work, including references provided by us

  • Details of disciplinary complaints or decisions about you

  • Communications regarding you for example deferring studies to a later year

  • Room booking and facilities requests

  • Records of college cultural life

  • Meal bookings and attendance

  • Open Days student helpers, outreach activities

  • Examination results

  • Degree ceremony booking information

  • Qualifications attained, prizes and awards received

  • Passport and visa information

  • Immigration status

  • Right to work checks

  • Graduate student records including details of your supervisor, the supervision process, examiner, college advisor, thesis title, submission and viva details and outcomes, progress reports, records of meetings about your progress

Current students and applicants who had offers accepted

Our prospective students

Data relating to applicants and the admissions process including:

  • Open days attendees

  • UCAS forms – predicted grades – academic record – personal statement
    Details of qualifications awarded

  • Any written works or tests you submit and our assessment of those tests or work

  • Fee status and funding information

  • Special category data provided during the application process including ethnicity, religion, health, disability

  • Details of criminal convictions provided by you

  • Data provided during open days and access activities including for HEAT (see HEAT privacy notice on Oxford University website), The Access Platform (TAP)

Applicants and prospective students

Security & Monitoring

Data relating to college security and monitoring including:

  • CCTV recordings and still Images

  • Security access records

  • emergency contacts lists

  • details of contractors on site

  • accident records

  • room bookings and key holders

  • door access control data

  • parking records

  • mail delivery records

Staff, students, prospective students, alumni, visitors and those individuals who may interact with the Colleges security systems.

Conferences & Events

Data relating to organisation of and attendance at events including:

  • Contact details

  • Financial information

  • Details of events organisers and guests including details of organisations represented, and the event purpose

  • Event attendees

  • Billing information re: facilities and services

  • Room and meal information - requirements relating to disability or medical condition

  • Dietary requirements
    Photos, audio, video recording of the event
    Guest login information – IP address, devices connected and traffic monitoring data

Attendees, alumni, visitors, organisers and those involved in College events and/or conferences

Commercial transactions

Data required for the processing of transactions including:

  • Financial information

  • Names, and contact information of suppliers and contractors including but not limited to email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing address etc.

  • Lease details and letting information

Contractual information such as the selection of supplier or contractor

IT Systems

Data relating to provision and use of college IT including:

  • Contact information

  • Device information

  • Log in information, user access levels, internet usage

  • IT support logs, incident logs

  • Printing logs

  • University card number

  • Records of telephone use

Staff, students, alumni and users of College IT systems, email, mobile devices and telephones


Data concerning nursery users including:

  • Application and registration records including details of attendee (description, religion, nationality)

  • Attendance records & correspondence

  • Development and learning records

  • Safeguarding, health and wellbeing data

  • Intervention and behaviour management plans

  • Dietary requirements

  • Equality monitoring

  • Photos, audio, video – records of nursery life

  • Parent site usernames, log in details and passwords, IP addresses

  • Contact details

  • Childcare grant funding paperwork including passport information and/or birth certificate

  • Medical information

  • Details of any special educational needs

  • Financial information

Nursery attendees
Parents, guardians and those with parental responsibility.
Grandparents and/or other family members.

Applicants – office holders and senior members

Recruitment information including:

  • position, grade, salary benefits, application paperwork, results of testing, names of referees
    background checks including DBS

  • Health information

  • Special arrangements/adaptations

  • Contact details

  • Communications regarding outcome of application

  • Passport, visas, immigration data

  • Equality monitoring data

  • Potential conflict of interests

Applicants for the position of staff, office holder or senior member.
Self-employed individuals and contractors applying to provide services to the College

Current staff – office holders- and senior members

Data relating to those working at or for the college including:

  • background checks including DBS

  • Qualifications and associated correspondence

  • Position, grade, salary benefits, application paperwork, results of testing, references and names of referees

  • Special arrangements/adaptations

  • Communications re outcome of application

  • Passport visas immigration data

  • Equality monitoring data
    NI, tax codes, payslips, bank details etc

  • Pension membership

  • Training records

  • Appraisals, promotions and progression

  • Housing records – tenancies, joint equity schemes

  • Absence records and sick leave records

  • Computer usage data (see IT data collected)

  • Portable devices data

  • Photographs

  • Contact details and emergency contact details

  • Health data including requirements relating to disability or medical condition, occupational health data

  • Records of employment including correspondence, college records

  • Potential conflicts of interest

  • Disciplinary records

  • Leave and buy-out requests, sabbatical information

Current staff, office holders and senior members, self-employed individuals and contractors engaged to provide services to the College


Records of the history of the college and its members including but not limited to:

  • Records of undergraduate and graduate students (see current students)

  • Records of senior members of the college including principals, fellows, tutors, lecturers, research fellows, language assistants (see current staff and office holders)

  • Staff records (see current staff and office holders)

  • Alumni records including personal papers donated to the college

  • Administrative records including minutes of Governing Body and other college committees

  • Records of college cultural life including photographs, videos and recordings

  • Financial records including funds, awards, donations, accounts

  • Data supplied by researchers who access the archives and college collections

  • Records of donors and their donations to the archives and the college

current students current staff and officers of Somerville College.
Individuals who have donated items to our archives
Researchers who access our archives
Other third parties referred to in records held in the archive


Biographical information, which may include:

  • name, title, contact details, date of birth, gender, marital status, spouse, partner and family details for current or past students: student ID, programme of study, department, college, matriculation or start date, graduation date, degree conferred

  • awards received whilst studying at Oxford (prizes, scholarships, accolades, bursaries); other education history and professional qualifications

  • awards received whilst studying at Oxford (prizes, scholarships, accolades, bursaries); other education history and professional qualifications

  • involvement in sports teams, clubs and societies whilst at Oxford and subsequently

  • employment details (incl. salary/salary band), career history, professional activities

  • interests, activities and accolades, incl. honours, life achievements

  • profile pictures which come from publicly accessible sources (where copyright allows)

  • links to your public social media presence e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, website or blog

Details of our ongoing relationship and your engagement with us, which may include:

  • records of your personal interactions with us (e.g. correspondence, notes of meetings or conversations)

  • Your communications preferences

  • Involvement in sports teams, clubs and societies whilst at Oxford and subsequently

  • records of communications you have received from us, incl. copies of letters, emails or appeal literature sent, and of fundraising activities in which you have been included (e.g. annual fund mailings, telephone fundraising campaigns)

  • data obtained through cookies and similar technologies such as pixels, tags, web beacons, and other identifiers. These help us understand how you interact with our email communications, websites and other online services we provide, e.g. crowdfunding, alumni networking sites. You will find a link to the relevant cookie policy on each of our websites

  • Your attendance (and that of your guests) on visits to, or at events across the collegiate University, including details of any payments made, and photographs, audio and video recordings in which you may be included

  • Details of benefits and services provided to you, e.g. use of college or University libraries, Oxford University Careers Service

  • Your connections to other alumni, students, staff, friends, groups or networks, donors and supporters within the collegiate University community

  • Membership of college or University social media groups e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn

  • A record of offers of voluntary support you have made, e.g. offers of expertise, advice, mentoring, internships, coaching, accommodation/support for students visiting your area

  • A record of volunteer work you have undertaken

Information about your giving, which may include:

  • Current and past donations and pledges, documentation relating to these gifts and records of the projects you have supported

  • Financial information required to process your gifts

  • If you have given it, an indication of your intent to leave a legacy, including copies of Wills or sections of Wills

  • any requests you have made for anonymity in relation to your giving

  • thank you, letters, donor reports provided relating to gifts you have made, correspondence and notes of meetings

  • plans for activities and future interactions

  • records of membership of any societies or groups related to your giving

  • your relationship to friends and patrons groups associated with, or providing support to, the collegiate University

  • your relationship to relevant trusts, foundations and corporates, e.g. membership on board of trustees

Information relating to your willingness or financial capacity to support our charitable objectives, which may include:

  • Our understanding of your likely philanthropic interests, and a note of particular projects we think may be of interest to you. This understanding may be provided by you or from information in the public domain

  • Information about your giving to other organisations, and other support that you provide (e.g. volunteering roles, trusteeships), where this information is given to us by you or publicly reported, and where it helps us to understand your interests

  • Other information which may give an indication of the scale of any potential philanthropic gift you may be able to give, such as information about earnings and assets, including property, or publicly reported estimates of wealth or any estimate we may make on the basis of the above information and your previous giving

  • Personal recommendations, where made by other supporters, that you may be willing and able to provide support

Sensitive personal data, which may include:

  • Health information, including any medical conditions – we may use health information provided by you so we can make reasonable adjustments to improve the service we are able to offer you (e.g. seating or access at an event, dietary requirements, provision of disabled parking, or allocation of accommodation). With your permission, we may also hold health data to ensure our engagement with you is based on a suitable understanding of, and care and respect for, your particular circumstances.

  • Criminal convictions, offences and allegations of criminal activity – we may use publicly available information concerning criminal convictions and offences or allegations of criminal activity, including money laundering or bribery offences, to carry out due diligence on donors or prospective donors in line with our guidelines on the acceptance of gifts.

  • Race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political opinions – we do not seek to obtain these categories of sensitive data. However, they may sometimes be inferred from other data we hold, for example, your relationships, society memberships, job titles, donations to specific causes or interests.

This information is collected in order to:

  • Manage our ongoing relationship with you and to provide a record of your interactions and contributions to college and University life

  • Offer and manage a varied programme of events tailored to your interests, including networking events, subject reunions, Gaudy dinners, sports events, concerts, seminars and lectures

  • Ensure you are aware of the wider programme of events, lectures and seminars taking place across the collegiate University which we believe may be relevant to you and that you may have an interest in attending

  • Keep you up to date with news from Somerville or other areas/initiatives in which you have shown an interest, e.g. by donating, attending an event, or becoming a member/friend

  • Provide you with information about alumni benefits and services, including access to the University of Oxford Careers Service

  • Let you know of volunteering opportunities, including linking current students with alumni for careers advice and internships, or speaking opportunities

  • Provide the most relevant content and best possible user experience when you are interacting with our digital communications and platforms

  • Identify potential volunteers, alumni ambassadors and event attendees

  • Accept and process commercial revenue, e.g. for merchandise or event tickets

  • Undertake surveys and market research

  • Create classifications and groupings (through manual or automated analyses) in order to best direct engagement activities

  • Analyse the success of our engagement activities, collect feedback, and manage complaints
    For all fundraising and donor stewardship

  • Help ensure that our fundraising efforts are conducted as efficiently as possible, and that our approaches to potential donors are respectful, professional, and made, as far as possible, based on evidence and an understanding of what may interest you

  • Ask you for your support for our fundraising programmes, always mindful of fundraising best practice, and according to the fundraising promise.

  • Accept and process philanthropic revenue

  • Provide acknowledgement, recognition and stewardship of your gift

  • Inform you of the impact of your gift

  • Create classifications and groupings (through manual or automated analyses) in order to best direct fundraising activities

  • Support peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns

  • Inform fundraising, marketing and donor stewardship strategies

Data is collected and processed when fundraising for major gifts according to the following procedures:

  • Where we have reason to think a potential donor may possess an interest and financial capacity to donate, we may research and collate additional information from sources in the public domain, typically concerning a potential donor’s interests in so far as they may coincide with our work, their philanthropic activity, financial capacity and networks in order to substantiate this. We may undertake this research ourselves or use the services of a third-party partner. This new information may be added to the record of a donor or potential donor.

  • Where this activity is being undertaken for a new contact with whom we have no previous relationship, we will provide the individual with a link to this privacy notice as part of our initial engagement.

  • Information may be collated into a briefing or profile in order to prepare for and engage in fundraising and/or stewardship activity.

  • We may also carry out due diligence on potential donors using publicly available information in order to comply with our policy on the acceptance of gifts, and to fulfil our legal responsibilities.
    For operational reporting, management reporting, and governance

  • We may use your personal data for the purposes of operational reporting, to produce management information, and for other relevant purposes relating to the governance of the collegiate University. We will use only the data required and, unless necessary, we will use anonymised or pseudonymised data.
    In our external communications

  • With your permission, we may publish your name in an online directory, in donor listings, as part of a guest list, or we may work with you to create press releases or case studies to be included in our publications or on our websites.

Alumni, including former students and employees