Each graduating year group of Somerville has its representative. The year rep acts as a point of contact for their year group and represents them at two meetings a year of the Somerville Association: the annual Year Rep Symposium held in September, and the spring meeting and AGM held in March.

Could I be a year rep?

Year reps help us to strengthen the alumni community and encourage and expand its involvement in the life of the college.

All you need to be a great year rep is being happy to engage with the college and with fellow alumni in your year. In return, you get the ‘inside track’ on academic and student life at the college, as well  as widening your network and playing an integral part in our vibrant community.

And, for the avoidance of any doubt, please be assured that you will never be asked to raise funds for Somerville!

As far as is possible, each year group will have more than one Year Rep who will share the role. If you would like to be a Year Rep, or would like to know more, please You can check the list below to see if your year group has an opening, and then get in touch with Lisa Gygax or Liz Cooke, the joint heads of the Somerville Association. 

Find Your Year Rep