Please find below the complete list of different types of personal data that we will process depending on your interaction with us.

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Relationship with Us

Data Collected

Categories of Data Subjects


Data concerning nursery users including:

  • Application and registration records including details of attendee (description, religion, nationality)

  • Attendance records & correspondence

  • Development and learning records

  • Safeguarding, health and wellbeing data

  • Intervention and behaviour management plans

  • Dietary requirements

  • Equality monitoring

  • Photos, audio, video – records of nursery life

  • Parent site usernames, log in details and passwords, IP addresses

  • Contact details

  • Childcare grant funding paperwork including passport information and/or birth certificate

  • Medical information

  • Details of any special educational needs

  • Financial information

  • Security records including CCTV records, records of incidents, accidents, health and safety reports

  • Nursery attendees

  • Children

  • Parents, guardians and those with parental responsibility.

  • Grandparents and/or other family members.