Esther Cavett

Retaining Fee Lecturer; Senior Research Fellow, Kings College London
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Ana Sofia Cerdeira

Retaining Fee Lecturer
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Dan Ciubotaru

Diana Brown Fellow & Tutor in Pure Maths; Professor of Mathematics
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Oliver Clarkson

Departmental Lecturer
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Amalia Coldea

Senior Research Fellow
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Ruth Corrigan

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer

Yvonne Couch

Stipendiary Lecturer; Alzheimers Research UK Fellow
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Professor Stephanie Dalley

Senior Research Fellow in Assyriology
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Robert Davies

Fellow & Tutor in Statistics; Associate Professor of Statistical and Population Genomics
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Vilma de Gasperin

Retaining Fee Lecturer

Joanna Demaree-Cotton

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Research Fellow in Moral Psychology, Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
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Julie Dickson

Fellow & Tutor in Law; Professor of Legal Philosophy
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