Somerville and the End of the War

11th November 2018

Somerville’s commemoration of the end of the war starts with a lecture at 3.30 given by Dr Anne Logan on “Margery Fry, penal reform and the End of the War”.

There follows tea in Flora Anderson Hall with a small Somerville WW1 exhibition and a major History Faculty exhibition in Green Hall, Globalising and Localising the Great War.

At 5.15pm Shirley Williams will be unveiling the new plaque outside college commemorating the college’s use as a hospital during WW1 and its illustrious patients, Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon. Their descendants will be reading some of their poetry and Shirley will say a few words. Finally, the chapel event at 6pm will feature Mark Bostridge (Vera Brittain’s biographer) talking about Vera Brittain and the end of the war.

Timetable of the day:
15.30 Talk by Anne Logan in Flora Anderson Hall
16.30 Tea in Flora Anderson Hall and the History Faculty’s exhibit in Green Hall
17.15 Speech by Shirley Williams and the unveiling of the plaque at the front of Somerville
18.00 Address by Mark Bostridge in the Chapel

Please email to register.

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