Nominations for Undergraduate Scholarships or Exhibitions

Scholarships may be recommended for students whose achievement indicates that a First Class result in Finals is likely.

Exhibitions may be recommended for students whose achievement indicates that a First Class result in Finals is achievable. The award of an Exhibition to a student whose current level of performance falls just short of First Class is designed to encourage them to push on to cross the threshold. The award should be subsequently withdrawn if the student does not progress in the direction of First Class performance.

Tutors retain discretion to recommend a Scholarships or Exhibition to any of their students on the basis of work of a consistently high standard, or excellent reports over three terms. In recommending a student for an award, tutors should believe the student is capable of achieving a First Class degree.

College Prizes

Tutors retain discretion to recommend College Prizes of £60 for academic achievement that warrants recognition. This could include consistently hard work, very good academic achievement in adverse personal circumstances, significant improvement in academic performance in relation to previous academic performance (e.g. a student who typically achieves a mid 2:2 average who achieves an average of a high 2:1 in collections), excellent Long Vacation or research project work.

Length of awards

Scholarships and Exhibitions are for one year from the date of award. They are not automatically renewed and tutors will need to decide before the Education Committee meeting at which the award is due to lapse whether to:

  1. allow the award to lapse
  2. submit a new nomination to continue the award for another year
  3. recommend an upgrade to a Scholarship (in the case of an Exhibition)

Value of awards

Scholars are awarded £500 and Exhibitioners are awarded £200. For 2020-21, it has been agreed to increase the Scholarship level to £560 for students whose exams were cancelled.

Nominations process

Nominations for Scholarships or Exhibitions are considered at meetings of Education Committee. Tutors should submit their nominations by the following deadlines to ensure they are considered at the next meeting:

  • Friday of 0th week for Education Committee in 2nd week (Michaelmas)
  • Monday of 5th week for Education Committee in 6th week (Michaelmas)
  • Monday of 2nd week for Education Committee in 3rd week (Hilary and Trinity)
  • Monday of 6th week for Education Committee in 7th week (Hilary and Trinity)

Tutors can nominate students for Scholarships and Exhibitions throughout the academic year. However, the majority of awards are made at the beginning of each academic year as a result of reflection on student performance across the previous year. The Scholarships and Funding Officer will normally circulate information to tutors about students who achieve excellent results in the FPE with default expectations that the tutors might wish to nominate them for the following awards:

  • Scholarship nomination for a year outcome of Distinction or First Class
  • For Modern Languages and Joint Schools, a Scholarship nomination for a Distinction in both subjects
  • For Modern Languages and Joint Schools, an Exhibition nomination for a Distinction in one of the subjects

If the tutors are content for these nominations to go forward to Education Committee they need do nothing. The tutors’ nominations are then considered by Education Committee in
2nd week of Michaelmas Term. Tutors can depart from the default expectations on the basis of their academic judgement.

Changes to process in Michaelmas Term 2020

As the majority of FPEs have been cancelled this year, it won’t be possible to provide a full list of nominations to tutors. Instead, tutors should email the Scholarships and Funding Officer to request any information they might need to make these nominations (e.g. previous Scholarships and Exhibitions, OxCORT reports).

Nominations form

Please use the form below to submit nominations, making sure that you fill out all fields marked with * Required.