Aradhana Vadekkethil

I graduated from National Law University, Delhi in 2017. I aim to pursue public law courses in BCL such as Comparative Human Rights, Comparative Equality Law. My aim is to enter the field of academia and legal policy making in the area of criminal law

I still remember reading “Love and Life behind the Purdah” written by Cornelia Sorabji which reflected her sheer determination to liberate the women from their self-willed domesticity. It is a tremendous honour to be studying on a law programme in her name. It is inspirational to be part of Somerville which has a rich legacy of strong women such as Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Dorothy Hodgins and so many others.

I am interested in bringing legal reforms in the field of criminal law and in analysing the intersections of gender, class and caste as they relate to crime and violence. I am interested in exploring the nature of policing in India and learning about the lives of those who have been caught up in the criminal justice system. This interest has been sparked by a conversation I once had with a death row prisoner as part of a research project on Death Penalty. It were his words, “As a law student, your shoulders carry the burden of rendering justice and the hopes of millions who trust you to lead them in the right way”, that have influenced me to study criminal law and human rights law in my BCL programme at Oxford.

The OIC and Cornelia Sorabji scholarship have given me the incredible opportunity to read for the BCL while at Somerville College. I hope this experience will help me to hone my skills and broaden my perspective and help me contribute to criminal law reform in a meaningful way.