Classics is my life, my academic discipline and my greatest hobby.

I love the Greek and Latin languages, I love studying their structure, the grammatical code into which the ancients thought and wrote. The principle to which I try to orient my life is passion and enthusiasm. I’m proud and honoured to be a Somervillian and I’m immensely grateful to Somerville for choosing me two years ago and for the Thatcher Scholarship.

I come from a small city on the periphery of Milan and I’m the eldest of three sisters. In Milan, I attended a state school, Liceo Classico G. Berchet, where I first learned to translate from Greek and Latin. But it was at Oxford that I first learned to use them. Writing and speaking in Greek and Latin changed my perspective on Classics completely.

This Michaelmas, I have also finally started Sanskrit, which constitutes the Oriental side of my joint degree and which I have been waiting to study for years, hoping to broaden both my cultural and, especially, philological perspectives. My studies focus on IE Philology, and Greek and Latin Historical Linguistics. Besides Comparative Philology, I am interested more broadly in the relationship between thought and language, and in Platonic philosophy. In Trinity 2020, I won the Chancellor’s Latin Prose Prize. Here at Oxford, I am also secretary and teacher for the Oxford Latinitas Project for spoken Greek and Latin. My models are Anna Morpurgo Davies and Benedetto Croce. I love Pseudo-Longinus, Marcus Aurelius and S.T. Coleridge. I have been writing prose and poetry since childhood. I listen to jazz, especially Dave Brubeck and Coltrane.