The Somerville Telethon

The Telethon is a great way for us to get back in touch with our alumni to update them on College news, hear about what they are up to now and invite them to support the Somerville Annual Fund. Our student callers love to hear from Somervillians and friends of the College who are located all around the world, and we continue to receive such positive feedback from members of the community who speak with our students too.

The Telethon is also an opportunity to share with you the work of the Somerville Annual Fund, which does so much for the College, including providing financial assistance towards bursaries and scholarships, safeguarding the tutorial system, improving and enhancing our buildings and facilitates and ensuring that we can respond to the areas of greatest need quickly and efficiently.

Last year the Telethon campaign was a fantastic success and more than half of those we spoke with made a gift or a pledge to the College. Over the next few week, our new campaign will begin, with a team of 16 undergraduates and graduates who are very much looking forward to speaking with you and hearing your news.

These students encompass a range of subjects with many interests including music, theatre and sports,  and they all possess a core commitment to and enthusiasm for Somerville. We also have one of our Student Ambassadors taking part in the Telethon this year who looks forward  updating you on our current Access and Outreach work.

With over half of our alumni body having made a gift to College over the years, each and every donation given really does make a huge difference to life at College. Unlike older colleges, with larger endowments, Somerville relies upon donations of all levels to help it meet its annual running costs. Every year the cost of attending university increases. At Somerville, we continue to be committed to ensuring that we can support students from all backgrounds, and that is why the Annual Fund is so important.  The College is very grateful for all donations it receives.

So, please do pick up the phone and take a moment to reflect upon your time at Somerville (and think of those who are about to begin their own journeys here).