Welcome to Somerville

At Somerville you’ll meet a community that’s diverse, international and open-minded. And you’ll discover a culture that’s intelligent, hard-working and ambitious. Why not take a look?

Welcome to Somerville

Welcome to Somerville

If you want to change the world, come to Somerville.

Somerville was founded to include the excluded. It was created for women when universities refused them entry, and for people of diverse beliefs when the establishment religion was widely demanded. Now its female and male students represent the world and many Somervillians go on to change that world, too. We hope you like it.

See what's going on at Somerville

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Tuesday 6th October 2015

Another record breaking Telethon campaign for Somerville

The 2015 Telethon ended on Sunday evening at 8pm, with another record breaking campaign for Somerville.

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1st of October 2015

Introducing Benjamin Goodson, our new Director of Chapel Music

A message from the Principal

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29th of September 2015

The Somerville Telethon reaches the halfway point

The Somerville College Telethon has raised over £110,000, over the weekend, which is a fantastic achievement at the halfway point of the campaign.

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See what's going on at Somerville

25 August 2015

The Dorothy Hodgkin Lecture

Save the date. More information to come soon…

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22nd January 2016

Eleanor Rathbone Symposium

The Eleanor Rathbone Symposium – “From Somerville to Westminster, 1893-1946”

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Monday 16th November 2015

Somerville City Group Event

John Fingleton, economist and former Chief Executive of the OFT will talk about disruptive innovation and the balance between competition and regulation.

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