Anyone with an Extended Licence does not need to apply for Vacation Residence but you may still apply for vacation residence grant using the Vacation Residence Grant Form.

All Students returning early before the next term MUST apply for, and be granted vacation residence.

Whilst we will always try to find accommodation if it is available, it is possible that there might not be a room available, especially if it is requested after the deadline for applications.  Please note that there is very limited availability of accommodation immediately after Michaelmas Term due to undergraduate admissions interviews.  It is very likely that vacation residence requests for this period would have to be refused.  People staying up to help with the interviews need not apply for vacation residence through this form.  There is also very limited availability after 8th week of Trinity Term.

Vacation Residence will not be available in any ROQ Rooms.

If your plans change after applying for vacation residence, please notify the Housekeeping Manager by sending an e-mail to Please note that the Housekeeping Manager is not able to action requests overnight or at weekends.

Forms will be forwarded to your tutors and accommodation will not be granted without their approval.

Accommodation charges in relation to residence required for you to stay up to sit Public Examinations outside term will be credited automatically to your battels without you needing to apply for a grant for these nights and a Tutor’s approval will not be required.

Students wishing to apply for the vacation residence grant may do so through this form.

Application for vacation residence

Vacation residence will be charged to your battels. If you wish to apply for a grant to assist with this cost, please also complete the vacation residence grant form.

Application for vacation residence