On this page, Somerville members can request to hold a proposed event in one of College’s larger spaces on behalf of the JCR, MCR, or one of the college’s registered societies. You can also request catering, if you think you will need it (Somerville Societies can provide their own nibbles and snacks, but all other catering must be purchased through the college, with no societies being permitted to supply their own alcohol).

Please note that external groups (including University societies) should contact events@some.ox.ac.uk to apply.

Somerville community members must read all the guidelines detailed below in order to secure their booking. 

Please also note that you must complete the CAPTCHA field in order to submit your booking. Failure to do so will mean your submission is not read. 


It is really important to follow the correct procedure when it comes to bigger events to make sure everyone stays safe – so before filling in the event booking form, you must read the following information carefully.

  • This page is for booking organised gatherings of students outside normal meeting rooms during term time, such as in the FAH/BWR. Bookings for other venues should be made using the committee room booking form.
  • The college will normally provide the venue free of charge to Somerville societies recognised by the JCR during term time. We charge venue hire for external student societies, as well as for events that may incur significant cleaning costs such as bops.
  • Events must be over by 10.45pm on weekdays or 11.45pm on Saturdays, and the booked venues must be cleaned and left in good order by the event organisers.
  • All events are closed events. Non-Somervillians have to be registered in advance. A list (pdf-format or spreadsheet) must be submitted to the Deans (deans.office@some.ox.ac.uk) by 10am on the day of the event.


Notice Period & Securing Approval

It is your responsibility to complete the required booking forms at least 2 weeks before the event (3 weeks if an alcohol licence is required).  Only Somerville Societies can apply for and use a TEN (temporary Event Notices / Licenses). Reminders will not be issued by any of the involved college departments.

The Decanal office will usually sign off your event in principle providing that you give at least two weeks’ notice. Giving less than two weeks’ notice will likely result in your request being denied.

Once the Decanal office has signed off your event in principle, you must discuss your event in more detail with the Catering and Conference Manager by contacting catering.conference.manager@some.ox.ac.uk and making an appointment. At this meeting the Catering and Conference Manager will advise you of room availability, required licences and discuss any catering requirements with you. Please note that it will take a minimum of 10 days to process an alcohol licence and therefore we suggest that you make an appointment to see the Catering and Conference Manager at least 2 weeks before your event if you require one.

Please be aware that the Lodge Manager can only give his approval once he has been provided with the correctly completed fire safety forms. Once the Lodge Manager has signed the form he will return it to the Decanal office. The TEN (temporary Event Notice/License) MUST be completed and returned to the Dean’s Office by the Wednesday prior to an event taking place. The Dean’s Office will then issue you with an event confirmation number via e-mail. It is only at this point that an event is authorised to go ahead and can be advertised.

Fire Safety

As part of the conditions of the use of this venue the host of the event has a responsibility to ensure that persons present are aware of the fire safety procedures within Somerville College.

To this end, all event organisers must print off, complete and return to the revenant managers the following Fire Safety Plan:

Fire Safety Plan

The college conference management team should be consulted if there are any areas of concern in relation to this procedure & also be made aware of any persons present who may have a disability that could affect their ability to evacuate promptly.

  • As part of good housekeeping practice you should make your attendees/delegates aware of the following key points prior to commencing with the event or activities
  • Signing of the attendance register of persons present for roll call.
  • Location of available fire exits from the building.
  • Route to the fire assembly point.
  • On the sounding of the fire alarm the room will be immediately evacuated leaving all personal belongings.
  • Location of the College fire assembly point relevant to that particular building.
  • Identity of person to report to at the assembly point (this will be yourself as host or other nominated person in the event of larger events typically greater than 50 persons present).

On evacuation of the building the host will take a roll call of persons present at the event against the register completed with any missing persons identified & their names communicated promptly to the head Fire Marshall at the assembly point.

In the event of a conference/meeting/congregation of persons greater than 50 persons then additional persons should be appointed to assist with the evacuation of the area/room being occupied in the event of a fire alarm sounding.

If assistance is required for clarity on responsibilities or procedures for evacuation then the College Fire Coordinator (located at the porters lodge) should be consulted prior to the commencement of an event.


For information on how and why we use your data, please see the privacy notice on our website: https://www.some.ox.ac.uk/privacy-foi/privacy-notice/