MCR members have the opportunity to apply for certain funds to enhance their experience at Somerville.

Sports Fund

Taking part in College-, Blues- or national-level sport while at Oxford? You might be able to claim back some of your costs from the committee! The full details can be found here, but the rule of thumb is that only specific costs can be claimed for (e.g. kit, competition entry, transport) with these needing to be related to competitive sport. Send an email off to the committee’s Sports Rep (or to the secretary if no Sports Rep has been elected) to apply.

Barbara Craig Fund

Barbara Craig, a former Principal of Somerville, established a fund for the MCR from which the MCR can make small grants to graduate students to assist with expenses relating to their studies or personal development. The full details can be found in our constitution. Full Members may apply for grants in Hilary term for any purpose they feel contributes to their academic development, to the life of the MCR, or to Somerville College in general.

College Grants

All graduate students at Somerville are eligible to claim up to £250 per year towards travel costs relating to their studies, and a further £100 per year for research materials. For more information on the awards and grants offered by College, and to see whether you are eligible to apply, see the Funding and Opportunities section of their website here.