Short for Junior Common Room, the JCR represents both the undergraduate student community and the communal spaces we all share.

The JCR Committee is the governing body elected from among the JCR to ensure that Somerville has a vibrant undergraduate community which welcomes everyone. We do this by running events, providing welfare support and making sure the voice of the student body is heard. We’re also responsible for dealing with any issues that undergraduates at Somerville face, from housing ballots to acquiring new equipment for college. 

A Message From the JCR President

“In 1879, Somerville College was founded to include the excluded. From the very beginning Somerville was non-denominational, international and anti-establishment. The college gave those who traditionally could not be educated, a place to flourish, and soon enough, Somerville became a beacon of female academic success. This spirit is at the heart of being a Somervillian, who we are, what we do, to this day.

Its embedded in our community, our ethos of inclusion, opportunity and excellence remains as strong as ever. The college remains at the forefront of creating greater equality and inclusivity within Oxford colleges, recently becoming one of only two Colleges of Sanctuary. This is perhaps one of the reasons why, year on year, Somervillians are known to be the most friendly, welcoming cohorts in Oxford, as we always aim to foster an environment where no matter who you are or where you come from, you can flourish.

Coming to university can be incredibly daunting; its a huge life stage and for many of us, the first time living away from home. Ever since arriving at Somerville, the atmosphere and people Ive met have made me feel incredibly welcomed and whats really struck me is that so many students, myself included, really do feel like Somerville is a home away from home!

Fundamentally, the JCR (Junior Common Room) is the entire undergraduate community here at Somerville. The JCR committee consists of elected students who’s sole purpose is looking after the well-being of students, representing your views, concerns, interests, and continuously trying to make life here at Somerville as good as it can be for all our students. We liaise with College management to ensure student voices are heard, so if there are any issues or ideas you may have about how College is run, the committee is your first port of call. The committee are an amazing group of really dedicated students, who are always there for you, you can find all their profiles below!

Up the Ville!”

Ying-Di Ying – JCR President 2021-2022

The JCR Committee

Mei Whattam

JCR President 2021-22
Learn More Mei Whattam

Thomas Houghton

JCR Sports' Officer
Learn More Thomas Houghton

Cameron Hodgkinson

JCR Disabilities' Officer

Charlotte Arben

JCR Treasurer
Learn More Charlotte Arben

Diya Badami

JCR Women's and Gender Minorities Welfare Officer
Learn More Diya Badami

Dona Josh

JCR Vice President
Learn More Dona Josh

Tariq Saeed

JCR Ethnic Minorities' Officer
Learn More Tariq Saeed

Eloise Peniston

JCR Arts' Officer
Learn More Eloise Peniston

Hannah Ugboma

JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
Learn More Hannah Ugboma

Holly Cobb

JCR Returning Officer
Learn More Holly Cobb

Isaac Tay

JCR International's Officer
Learn More Isaac Tay

Tom Moreland

JCR Academic Affairs Officer
Learn More Tom Moreland

Jamie Walker

JCR Terrace Officer
Learn More Jamie Walker

Julia Talarek

JCR Access and Admissions Officer
Learn More Julia Talarek

Katie Driver

JCR Environment and Ethics Officer
Learn More Katie Driver

Katie Walker

JCR Domestic Officer
Learn More Katie Walker

Lauren Davies

JCR Women's Officer

Tiago Costa

JCR Men's and Gender Minorities' Welfare Officer and JCR Freshers President
Learn More Tiago Costa

Layla Sklar

JCR Environment and Ethics Officer
Learn More Layla Sklar

Lowri Woollard

JCR Secretary
Learn More Lowri Woollard

Minshu Gupta

JCR Ethnic Minorities' Officer
Learn More Minshu Gupta

Oli Jupe

JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
Learn More Oli Jupe

Stan, Jade, Amy and Harry

JCR Entz Team
Learn More Stan, Jade, Amy and Harry

Rufaro Tom

JCR Charities Officer
Learn More Rufaro Tom

JCR Blog

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