Full Membership of the Middle Common Room

All Somerville students registered for a postgraduate course at the College are automatically made Full Members of the MCR.  Full membership is also granted to:

  • Students studying graduate-entry medicine;
  • Students registered for a second undergraduate degree;
  • Any mature student at the College, having been 21 or over at the start of October in their first year.

Full members have access to all common and graduate areas of College, all College and MCR events aimed at College Postgraduates, are able to vote in all MCR elections and meetings, and can stand for any position on the MCR Committee.

The allocation of Full Membership should be automatic at the start of the academic year.  If a student is suspended or lapsed, they are no longer a Full Member of the MCR.

For any queries about Full Membership, contact the MCR Secretary.


Associate Membership of the Middle Common Room

Other individuals may be eligible for associate membership of the MCR, which can be granted at the discretion of the MCR executive committee and the Tutor for Graduates.  Eligible categories include:

  • Partners of current Full Members;
  • Former Full Members;
  • Suspended or lapsed Full Members;
  • Those eligible for Full Membership who elect not to take Full Membership;
  • Fourth-year undergraduate students at The College.

If you do not fall into any of the categories listed above, you may apply for extraordinary associate membership at the discretion of the MCR executive committee and Tutor for Graduates.  Individuals interested in this should ensure that the Associate Members Representative is consulted prior to any application.

Associate Membership allows access to the Graduate spaces of the College, as well as the dining hall.   Additionally, Associate Members are eligible to stand for Representative Positions on the MCR Committee, and to attend (but not vote) at all MCR meetings.

Associate Members of the MCR may be granted reference-only (no borrowing rights), ongoing access to the Somerville College library during vacations only. (During term time (week 0 to week 10) access to the library is by appointment during staffed hours only.) Contact the library for more information and to request access.

Associate Membership is free for most, but former full members who graduated >12 months ago, partners of Full Members, and extraordinary members will be required to pay a cost to the MCR equivalent to that contributed by College for each Full Member.

Applications for Associate Membership can be made using this online form.  Please ensure you include as much detail as possible.  Membership is processed on a termly basis, with the form being checked at the start of -1 week for each academic term.  Once granted, members will receive an email advising that their Associate Membership card is ready to be picked up from the Porter’s Lodge.

For any questions about Associate Membership, our Associate Member’s Representative can be emailed at mcr.associate@some.ox.ac.uk