The JCR Committee is the elected governing body of the Somerville JCR. As a body, we are tasked with the job of representing the interests of the undergraduate community across all aspects of college life.

We’re here to help out with with all the problems that undergraduates at Somerville may face, from setting up events and societies to arranging housing ballots and requesting new equipment for college. Each Committee member is designated a certain role, and has access funding from the college itself. The JCR Committee abides by a constitution and passes motions that every Somerville undergraduate can vote on through weekly meetings.

Mei Whattam

JCR President 2021-22
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Thomas Houghton

JCR Sports' Officer
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Cameron Hodgkinson

JCR Disabilities' Officer

Charlotte Arben

JCR Treasurer
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Diya Badami

JCR Women's and Gender Minorities Welfare Officer
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Dona Josh

JCR Vice President
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Tariq Saeed

JCR Ethnic Minorities' Officer
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Eloise Peniston

JCR Arts' Officer
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Hannah Ugboma

JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
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Holly Cobb

JCR Returning Officer
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Isaac Tay

JCR International's Officer
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Tom Moreland

JCR Academic Affairs Officer
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Jamie Walker

JCR Terrace Officer
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Julia Talarek

JCR Access and Admissions Officer
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Katie Driver

JCR Environment and Ethics Officer
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Katie Walker

JCR Domestic Officer
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Lauren Davies

JCR Women's Officer

Tiago Costa

JCR Men's and Gender Minorities' Welfare Officer and JCR Freshers President
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Layla Sklar

JCR Environment and Ethics Officer
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Lowri Woollard

JCR Secretary
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Minshu Gupta

JCR Ethnic Minorities' Officer
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Oli Jupe

JCR LGBTQ+ Officer
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Stan, Jade, Amy and Harry

JCR Entz Team
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Rufaro Tom

JCR Charities Officer
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