Meal Booking

Booking for meals will be different from normal in the 2020-21 academic year.

This year, we will be eating in the new temporary dining hall while the kitchens and maitland hall are refurbished. This alone would make the dining experience a bit different this year – but the need to social distance during the coronavirus pandemic to keep everyone safe is going to change things more. Only 54 students can dine at any one time, so there will be several pre-booked sittings for each meal. There is a silver lining to be had though: in addition to helping to protect our community, the new system will also help us to reduce food waste.

Here is a step by step guide to the new system:

1. You must book in advance to eat in hall now. You can book a place for a meal until 12 PM the day before, at which point booking will close. Your booking will be checked by scanning your bod card, so remember to bring it with you to meals this term

2. To book a meal, first read or have open the advice below and then visit

3. If you are visiting meal booking for the first time, you will see some tabs across the top. Click on ‘Change my normal meals’ and add any specific allergy or other requirements you might have.

4. In the box below, enter if you are vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian.

5. Click ‘Update my dietary information’, which will save your requirements for all future meals.

6. Click back on the meal booking tab and then click the date on the calendar that you wish to book in for.

7. Click on the service you wish to book in for out of lunch/takeaway/dinner. The takeaway service operates between sittings at lunch and dinner.

8. A menu will appear on the right. Decide which main course you would like and then clikc book.

9. Tick the main you want, along with any extras. Click book again.

10. You are now booked in for your meal. Don’t forget that you need to have an advance booking and show up with your bod card to be able to eat in hall or takeaway this term.

11. We have created a brand new booking system to accommodate the changes this term and there will be some inevitable tweaks required through the year. If you have any problems, contact our Catering Manager, Dave Simpson, at