Gym membership

Membership of the College Gym is open to all members of Somerville.

Anyone wishing to apply for membership must first attend an induction session organized by the College (for which there will be a non-refundable charge). On completion of the gym induction, members should contact the Lodge for a gym membership application form, so that access to the Gym can be added to their access card.

Induction sessions are held at the beginning of Michaelmas term, and students will be required to sign up for a course in advance. Details of these courses will be posted at the Porters’ Lodge, and on this Web site.

Completion of an induction sessions is a health and safety and insurance requirement. Anyone found to be using the gym without having undergone an induction session will be referred to the Deans.

You are not allowed to give access to a non-Somervillian nor anyone who has not undertaken an induction.

There is an annual membership fee, which is charged to battels in Hilary term.

Contact the Lodge for further details: