Somerville is still here for you when you are on a year abroad, and we will always be happy to hear from you.

We know that it can be daunting to go abroad for a year, but we hope that it will be a rewarding part of your studies.

The University Study abroad web page has a great deal of comprehensive information that you should read and act upon during your preparations to go abroad.

In 6th week Trinity term you will be invited to an informal preparatory year abroad college briefing where you will be reminded how to prepare for your time away, and also given some tips on what to expect while you are abroad.

The Academic Office will email you in August before you start your year abroad with guidance, reminders, and some useful contact details for the college.

While you are away the Principal and Welfare Officer will stay in touch with you to find out how your placements are going and how you are getting on.

Before you go, you can prepare by:

  • Reading the information given to you by your faculty or department, as well as that published on the University website
  • Attending the information sessions run by your faculty or department
  • Attending the college briefing (you will be emailed an invite in Trinity term)
  • Understanding what fee arrangements apply during your year abroad
  • Talking to other students who have completed a year abroad
  • Contacting the college alumni office who can help you find alumni in the region/s you will be staying in
  • Learning about the societal norms in the places you will be living in, which might not be the same as your own
  • Thinking about how you might handle unexpected or difficult situations while you are away
  • Arranging comprehensive travel insurance

While you are away:

  • Don’t feel that because you are not physically at college that the college doesn’t want to hear from you
  • If you need to get in touch with the college, you can contact your tutors while you are away
  • You can also contact the Academic Office or the Senior Tutor:
  • The Principal will stay in touch with you termly
  • The Welfare Officer will stay in touch with you termly
  • Please do bear in mind that the college is not the right place to contact in an emergency, so make sure you know what to do and who to contact should an emergency occur

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