The MTST benefits from the guidance and support of an international group of patrons and trustees, many of whom were colleagues or counterparts of Lady Thatcher and all of whom are capable of advising the Trust with a strategic view of immense value to the scholars whose interests we serve.

Our ambition has always been to have 20 Thatcher Scholars studying at Somerville at any one time who are supported by the endowment. With each passing year, we get closer to realising this dream. It is only through the continued vision, ambition for change and support of our donors, patrons and trustees that such progress is possible.



  • The Rt Hon. Tony Blair
  • The Hon. Dr Robert Gates
  • The Hon. Dr Alan Greenspan
  • Ho Ching
  • The Hon. John Howard
  • The Hon. Dr Henry Kissinger
  • The Rt Hon. Sir John Major
  • The Rt Hon. Brian Mulroney
  • The Rt Hon. The Lord Owen
  • The Rt Hon. The Lord Patten of Barnes
  • The Lord Powell of Bayswater
  • The Hon. Dr Condoleezza Rice

Former Patrons

  • President Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-2022)