Dan Ciubotaru

Diana Brown Fellow & Tutor in Pure Maths; Professor of Mathematics

My research is in representation theory, an area of mathematics concerned with the study of symmetries.

I am particularly interested in unitary representations of reductive Lie groups and Hecke algebras in the framework of the local Langlands correspondence.

My research is currently supported by the EPSRC grant EP/N033922/1, 09/2016-08/2020.

At Somerville, I teach Prelims and Part A Pure Maths tutorials. In 2017, I was awarded an MPLS Teaching Award.


The Dunkl-Cherednik deformation of a Howe duality
Ciubotaru, D; De Martino, M
JOURNAL OF ALGEBRA volume 560 page 914-959 (15 October 2020)

Cocenters of p-adic groups, III: elliptic and rigid concenters
Ciubotaru, D; He, X
Peking Mathematical Journal (13 October 2020)

Dirac induction for rational Cherednik algebras
Ciubotaru, D; De Martino, M
International Mathematics Research Notices (5 July 2018)

On the reducibility of induced representations for classical p-adic groups and related affine Hecke algebras
Ciubotaru, D; Heiermann, V
Israel Journal of Mathematics issue 1 volume 231 page 379-417 (7 June 2019)

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