Lee Kuan Yew Thatcher Scholarship

Through the generosity of ST Telemedia, the Lee Kuan Yew – Thatcher Scholarships have been created for Singaporean students from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to undertake undergraduate studies in one of the leading universities in the world. These are unique scholarships in that they fully fund all aspects of undergraduate studies, including tuition fees and living expenses.

The scholarships will be for the benefit of students who have excellent academic potential and have demonstrated that they have succeeded against the odds. Success against adversity could be by socio-economic background, through disability, bereavement, or through being a first-generation university student. To be considered to be in financial need, the candidate must come from a family with a monthly per capita income (“PCI”, which is computed by dividing the monthly gross household income by the number of family members living in the same household) of S$2,250 or less.  Students from schools that do not traditionally send students to Oxford and Cambridge may be considered.  A preference will be given to students studying one of the following subjects, but qualifying students interested in pursuing other subjects may be considered:

(a) Engineering Science

(b) Economics and Joint Schools

(c) Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics

(d) Philosophy, Politics & Economics

(e) Law

The scholarship will fully fund the duration of study for a successful candidate which in the academic year 2021/22 will be: University and College fees of up to £36,412 (this can vary according to course), living expenses up to £12,526, and travel costs of £850.

You will be eligible for consideration for the Lee Kuan Yew – Thatcher Scholarship once you have been awarded a place on the course to which you applied at Somerville College. The successful candidate will become a member of Somerville College.

The Lee Kuan Yew – Thatcher Scholarships honour the long-standing mutual respect and friendship of two of the great leaders of the 20th century, and the ongoing strong links between Singapore and the UK.  On her first visit to Singapore as Prime Minister, at a banquet held in her honour, Mrs Thatcher said in reference to Lee Kuan Yew: “But running up your own flag you were wise enough not to break the links which matter.  As a result, we can still offer much to the young people of Singapore coming to study in Britain as you did all those years ago.”

Please the email the Scholarships and Funding Officer (scholarships.funding.officer@some.ox.ac.uk) if you have any queries.

More information on applying for undergraduate study at the University of Oxford can be found here: www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate