Everyone who matriculates to Somerville is entitled to lifelong membership of The Somerville Association (SA), our network of Somervillians around the world.

The purpose of the Association is largely to keep alumni in touch with the College and each other. Unsurprisingly, the Association represents a considerable body of experience and expertise, which is shared on an informal, voluntary basis through its networks with members, undergraduates, postgraduates and as a means of supporting and promoting the College.

The SA is managed by an elected President and Committee comprised of SA members (all are eligible to stand for office) and fellows appointed by the College. The association is administrated by its joint secretaries, who employed by the college exclusively to support the alumni community.


Baroness Alison Wolf (1967, PPE)

Joint Secretaries

Mrs Liz Cooke (1964, History) and Ms Lisa Gygax (1987, PPE)


Dr Frances Walsh (1956, History); Ms Virginia Ross (1966, Social Studies); Hilary Manning (1977, History) ; Pia Pasternack (1982, Philosophy and Mod. Languages); Jo Magan (1984, PPE); Tim Aldrich (1994, History); Zoe Sprigings (2004, History); Isabel Ireland (2013, English) ; Joe Smith (2013, Mod. Languages).


Dr Benjamin Thompson, Fellow & Tutor in Medieval History; Professor Fiona Stafford, Fellow & Tutor in English; Dr Luke Pitcher, Fellow and Tutor in Classics