Every year, Somerville College produces a series of publications to showcase our community’s achievements, share news, express gratitude to our donors and highlight the impact of our work.

We publish The Somerville Magazine annually in early summer, The College Report in September/October and The Report for Donors at the close of the Michaelmas term. We also publish ‘The Somervillian’, an online newsletter recapping all the news from the previous term.

We are always interested in hearing your news, and welcome suggestions for interesting alumni-related articles and stories to appear in forthcoming publications.

The Somerville Magazine

The Somerville Magazine is published annually in early summer, providing editorial highlights of the year including interviews with ground-breaking alumni, student profiles and latest innovations in research and academia.


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The College Report

The College Report provides the official record of academic activities, appointments and exam results within College, as well as a record of births and death within the wider Somerville community. Generally published in September/October, the College Report also finds space for members’ news and publications as well as long-form obituaries of influential Somervillians. 


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Report for Donors

The Report for Donors is a means of expressing the College’s to its supporters in the previous academic year. Focused on the transformative impact of giving for our students, academics and staff, it comprises a series of reports, interviews and analyses from key figures such as the Treasurer and Development Director. The Report for Donors is published annually at the end of the Michaelmas term. 


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The Somervillian

The Somervillian is an online newsletter recapping all the news from the previous term. You can read previous issues of The Somervillian here


The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust Bulletin

The MTST bulletin is published every spring and introduces the new Thatcher scholars and their work, in addition to reporting on the Trust and its work.




Mary Somerville: Correspondence of a 19th Century Scientist

In November 2022, Somervillians came together to transcribe unpublished correspondence by the College’s dedicatee and renowned polymath and scientist, Mary Somerville. The resulting publication is available below: