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The Somerville London Group is the largest and most active of the College's alumni groups. The committee organises several events a year. These include speaker events on politics, diplomacy, history, sociology and science and private visits to London venues such as gardens, museums, art galleries and fashion stores.

London Group Committee

Contact Us

If you live or work in Greater London and do not receive emails about the Group but would like to, please contact Liz Cooke, Somerville Association Secretary, on . Please also contact Liz should you have any suggestions for future events or activities.


The Somerville London Group is primarily focused on bringing together Somerville alumni of all ages and interests who can come to our events in London, and secondarily on fundraising for the College. We do charge for every event, setting the price at a level which covers our costs and provides a small surplus for the College. At the committee's AGM we donate the annual surplus to the Somerville Annual Fund. The Group donated:

£3,121.43 in 2016
£4,904.85 in 2015
£2,500.00 in 2014
£3,500.00 in 2013
£3,449.72 in 2012
£3,070.00 in 2011
£3,000.00 in 2010

Alumni News and Events

Lahiri news icon
7th April 2017

Three Somervillians among subjects chosen for Oxford’s Diversifying Portraiture initiative

Professorial Fellow and holder of the Chair in Linguistics, Professor Aditi Lahiri; Emeritus Fellow and Somerville’s Theoretical Physics Tutor from 1975 to 2008, Professor Dame Carole Jordan; and Honorary Fellow and Somerville alumna Dame Esther Rantzen are among subjects chosen for more than 20 new portraits commissioned to reflect Oxford University’s diversity.

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Baroness O'Neil news icon
17th March 2017

Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve wins Holberg Prize 2017

Somerville Honorary Fellow, renowned British Philosopher and crossbench member of the House of Lords, Baroness Onora O’Neill of Bengarve has been awarded this year’s Holberg Prize.

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please follow this link.
3rd March 2017

Somerville College celebrates a unique Foundation Day

Each year, since 1994, at the request of alumni and students, Somerville celebrates Foundation Day, an opportunity to honour the College’s origins and continuing history.

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Alumni News and Events

26th April

Somerville City Group at Amazon Headquarters

The next City Group event will focus on the world of fiction, nonfiction and academic direct publishing.

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3rd May 2017

James Bryce Memorial Lecture

Richard Holmes will explore the various friendships and mentor relationships that Mary Somerville (1780-1872) formed with contemporary scientists John Herschel, Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and Maria Mitchell (USA).

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9 May, 5.50pm-8.30pm

Somerville London Group – Turning Vision into Reality

Somerville London Group invites you to an exclusive Walking Tour of King’s Cross Development.

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