Alumni networks

Everyone who matriculates to Somerville is automatically a member of The Somerville Association, your College network for life. The purpose of the SA is largely to keep alumni in life-long touch with the College and with each other.

Unsurprisingly, the Association represents a considerable body of experience and expertise and on a voluntary basis this is shared informally and through its networks with members, undergraduates, postgraduates and to support and promote the College. The SA is managed by an elected President and Committee comprised of SA members (all are eligible to stand for office) and fellows appointed by the College.


Baroness Alison Wolf (1967, PPE)

Joint Secretaries

Mrs Liz Cooke (1964, History) and Ms Lisa Gygax (1987, PPE)


Dr Frances Walsh (1956, History); Ms Virginia Ross (1966, Social Studies); Dr Natasha Robinson (1972, Medicine); Pia Pasternack (1982, Philosophy and Mod. Languages);  Jo Magan (1984, PPE); Tim Aldrich (1994, History); Lorna Sutton (2010, History); Joe Smith (2013, Mod. Languages).


Dr Benjamin Thompson, Fellow & Tutor in Medieval History, Professor Fiona Stafford, Fellow & Tutor in English, Dr Luke Pitcher, Fellow and Tutor in Classics.


Alumni Networks


London Group

The Somerville London Group is the largest of the College’s alumni groups and the very active committee organises several events a year. These include speaker events on politics, diplomacy, history, sociology and science and private visits to London venues such as gardens, museums, art galleries and fashion stores. All Somervillians are welcome (irrespective of where they live!)

City Group

Open to all who work in, or have an interest in, business and/or financial services, City Group events provide the opportunity to listen to interesting speakers whom you might not otherwise hear in public, often in venues to which you might not usually have access. Events on current business topics are interspersed with ‘lighter’ outings but all offer the chance to network with diverse but like-minded Somervillians in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Public Policy Group

The Public Policy Network provide a forum for  Somervillians at all levels across the Civil Service and others with expertise and interest in public policy to meet; to organise a programme of events, serious and fun, on this theme, to inform, stimulate discussion and provide opportunities for networking and mutual support; to advise and encourage undergraduates considering a career in the Civil Service.

Lawyers Group

For all those either practising or interested in legal issues. Past events have ranged from a panel discussion on prisoner rehabilitation to Baroness Onora O’Neil (Somerville, 1959) speaking on human rights. The Lawyers group also runs an annual careers day in College to offer advice to undergraduates interested in a career in law.

Medics Group

The Medics Group meets annually in Hilary Term to network and enjoy talks from a range of distinguished speakers. Dame Fiona Caldicott is the first President of the Somerville Medics Group.

Teachers Group

There is a biennial Teachers Network event with the primary aim of fostering schools’ interest in Somerville as a place that welcomes students from all backgrounds and provides them with the best possible teaching and support. Somervillian teachers are encouraged to invite a non-Oxbridge colleague to the day-long event. Any Somervillian Teacher wishing for further information is encouraged to contact the Senior Tutor, Steve Rayner

Accessing the Somerville Community

Civil Service Network

We are in the process of establishing a civil service network and anticipate an inaugural event sometime in the next academic year.

1921 Association

The 1921 Association is made up of alumni and friends of Somerville College Boat Club, and takes its name from the foundation date of the club. Its aim is to provide ongoing advice and support, and to make available the experience of its members to the Boat Club.

Mentoring and Internships

IF you or your company is interested in offering informal career advice/mentoring or paid internships, we would love to hear from you.