SCBC 1921 Association

The 1921 Association is made up of alumni and friends of Somerville College Boat Club

It takes its name from the foundation date of the club. Its aim is to provide ongoing advice and support, and to make available the experience of its members to the Boat Club. We hope to build a dynamic community which will enable SCBC to continue its tradition of ‘smashing and dominating.’ The current committee members are Brendan Brett, Isabel Saunders, Katharine Westley, Anna Clarke, and Caitlin Evans.

The Association organises a series of events throughout the year including drinks in London, dinner at the Leander Club in Henley and meet-ups at major rowing regattas. The jewel in the crown is, of course, the Eights Dinner in May.

The centenary of the Boat Club is also coming up, and we will be unveiling several centenary projects over the coming years. The first is already under way in the Centenary Archive Project, a drive to collect a photo archive of material which will culminate in the publication of a visual history of the Club. We’d love to see your contributions, from copies of photographs and starting lists to photos of kit and blades – even training schedules, for those of you brave enough to look at them again!

If you are interested in getting involved, please drop us a line at, or through the Somerville Association or College Development Office.

Our newsletter for Michaelmas Term 2018 is now available, and can be found here.

Alumni Officers

Katharine Westley studied pre-clinical medicine and spent much of her time at Oxford on the Isis, or cycling alongside it. She rowed in the 1st VII and was social secretary in her 2nd year, responsible for many a rousing crewdate. She became Women’s captain in her 3rd year and was proud to lead the 1st VIII into the top division. Since leaving for London to study clinical medicine at Barts and the London, she has continued to take a keen interest in SCBC, acting as the Alumni officer and creating the 1921 Association along with Brendan. She now practises medicine in Newcastle.


Isabel Saunders rowed with SCBC 2010-2013 where she mostly sat novice boats, bought stash and encouraged people to watch True Blue. In between, she studied Ancient & Modern History, and has a Masters in Russian Studies. She is based in London and is currently working in communications.


Brendan Brett matriculated in 2011 (Ancient and Modern History). He rowed in M3, M2, and M1 in successive years, including in the blades-winning second VIII in Summer VIIIs 2013. He was also active on dry land as SCBC Recruitment Officer and Alumni Officer. Post-Oxford, having rowed for UCL during his Master of Laws, he is now a barrister practising in public law. Amongst his roles for the 1921 Association is helping to organise Eights Dinner

Additional Committee Members

Anna Clark matriculated in 2013 (History). Starting as a novice, she rowed in W2 for a year, moving into W1 for the successive three years and winning blades in both Torpids and Summer VIII’s 2017. Over the course of her SCBC career, Anna was elected as Vice-Captain (2014-15), Secretary, and Water Safety Officer. After graduating from her Masters in 2017, she is working in the museum sector pursuing a career in cultural heritage and research.