Baroness Royall of Blaisdon

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Prateek Agrawal

Fellow & Tutor in Physics; Associate Professor in Particle Physics
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Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez

Fulford Junior Research Fellow
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Charlotte Albury

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Research Fellow in Health Behaviours; Teaching Lead in Qualitative Research Methods
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Sanah Ali

Clinical Non-Stipendiary Lecturer
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Joel Alves

Fulford Junior Research Fellow; Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Genetics
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Daniel Anthony

Fellow & Tutor in Medicine; Professor of Experimental Neuropathology
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Susan Anthony

Retaining Fee Lecturer; Consultant Radiologist
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Dr Michael Ashdown

Practitioner Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in Law
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Helen Ashdown

Janet Vaughan Tutor in Clinical Medicine (Somerville); General Practitioner; Doctoral Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
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Richard Ashdowne

Lecturer in Linguistics
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Christophe Barnabé

Stipendiary Lecturer in French
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