Somerville Medievalist Research Group

Somerville is home to one of the largest groups of medievalists in Oxford: our interests range from manuscripts to music theory, from genre to gender studies, from the British Isles to Russia.

We meet regularly for informal lunchtime discussions, but also organise interdisciplinary work-shops and conferences. Over the last five years, these have resulted in a series of conferences and workshops as well as two book publications.


Work on a third volume, on Temporality, is under way.


Almut Suerbaum, Fellow & Tutor in German

Francesca Southerden, Fellow & Tutor in Italian

Annie Sutherland, Fellow & Tutor in Old and Middle English

Natalia Nowakowksa, Fellow & Tutor in History

Benjamin Thompson, Fellow & Tutor in History


Sean Curran, JRF in Music, Trinity College, Cambridge

Manuele Gragnolati, Professor of Italian, Sorbonne; Senior Research Fellow, Somerville

Racha Kirakosian, Assistant Professor of Medieval German and Medieval Religion, Harvard

Alastair Matthews, Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Southern Denmark

Monika Otter, Associate Professor in Medieval English, Dartmouth College

George Southcombe, Director, Sarah Lawrence Programme, Wadham

Dr Brian McMahon, Chapel Director, Somerville College, Oxford

Dr Laura Slater, Fulford Junior Research Fellow, Somerville College, Oxford

Dr David Bowe, University of Cork

Dr Jim Harris, Ashmolean Museum

Dr Oren Margolis, I Tatti, Florence

Dr Katherine Sykes, University of Birmingham

Mary MacRobert, Senior Research Fellow, Somerville College, Oxford

Dr Johannes Wolff

News and events

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