Dining Hall

Dining at Somerville is usually relaxed and cafeteria-style, except at more formal dinners when students are expected to dress smartly (although we are one of the only colleges where you don’t have to wear your academic gown at formal dinners). Up to twice a week, we hold Guest Night dinners where you can invite friends and family to join you in our hall for a 3 or 4 course formal dinner.

A non-vegetarian main course and two sides currently costs £4.25 at a standard lunch or dinner. Guest Night dinners (a 3 or 4 course restaurant quality meal served in the dining hall) are subsidised, with places costing £10.50 per head.

Meal Timings Average Cost
Breakfast 08:00-09:00 Mon-Fri Ranges from £0.20 for two slices of toast to around £2.50 for cooked options
Brunch 11:00-13:00 Sat-Sun Around £2.00
Lunch 12:30-13:30 Mon-Fri From £1.40 for a jacket potato with a filling to £4~ for a hot meal
Dinner 18:00-19:00 Mon-Sun Around £4


We are understanding of special or religious dietary needs and will endeavour to accommodate these on request.

The Terrace

Everyone knows and loves the Terrace, our relaxed café and bar. By day, Terrace sells hot and cold sandwiches, cakes and coffees. The bar opens from 6PM on weekdays and 12 noon on weekends, selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The bar is open to all Somerville students, fellows, staff and alumni (which is very Somerville). Alumni can access the bar by signing in at Porters Lodge and walking up the outside steps beside the chapel to the external entrance. Members of the College are free to bring guests.

Opening hours (term-time only):

9.30am-11pm on weekdays

10.30am-11pm at weekends