The 21st century has presented us with unparalleled challenges. Somerville College is meeting these challenges through RISE, a long–term fundraising initiative that will vouchsafe our purpose through the four organising principles of Resilience, Inclusivity, Sustainability and Excellence.

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Why Support Rise?

Jan Royall, Principal

“The RISE Campaign will build on 140 years of Somerville history, championing equality, diversity and academic excellence, and ensuring Somerville equips the brightest minds to excel and effect change where it's needed most.”

Oxford College Endowments

In the past decade, through the benefactions of alumni and friends, as well as the diligent stewardship of the Treasurer, Somerville’s endowment has more than doubled. The increase has allowed us to weather the recent economic storms, but we are still significantly behind some of the other colleges, as is shown in the graphics below.

The long-term strategy of RISE is to strengthen Somerville’s overall endowment via targeted fundraising campaigns to endow key academic fellowships, promote core access initiatives and transform our College into an environmentally sustainable community. While it is natural for growth to have slowed over the past two years, the ambition of the RISE campaign is to complete the endowment of the Fellowship, thereby ensuring that the generations to come will benefit from the extraordinary teaching and research of our academics.