Does public speaking fill you with fear?

The fear of public speaking (also known as glossophobia) is widespread, even amongst those who have to do it regularly. The Skills Hub offers a practical workshop to help conquer your nerves and build confidence in presenting yourself, whether in tutorials, interviews or the workplace.

Our speaker, actress and alumna Alison Skilbeck, shares advice on how to confidently communicate your point so that people listen. It’s focused on breathing, understanding body language/non-verbal cues, voice projection/tone, posture, all of which help to give a more convincing ‘first impression’.

During this interactive session you will get plenty of easy practical tips and with practice, persistence and preparation, you’ll be on your way to becoming a more accomplished speaker.

Previous participants said of the session:

“I loved working with Alison Skilbeck last year. Her session about public speaking and body language was fun and engaging. With a speech impediment, speeches can be daunting. However, this workshop certainly helped me realise I love public speaking. I joined the Oxford Speakers Club, polished my skills and was fortunate enough to be a student speaker at the Oxford TEDx Conference. And I have no intention of looking back!”     

2nd year History student

“I attended Alison’s public speaking session last year and found the experience both deeply interesting and helpful. I have always struggled with public speaking, being more confident expressing my ideas on paper than in speech. In Alison’s session we looked at body language, breathing and exercises to help strengthen our confidence and delivery of speeches or presentations. I have found her tips and exercises valuable for public speaking experiences since then.”

3nd year PPE student


“Attending Alison’s workshop last year was a transformative experience for me. It offered practical tips and exercises that began to ease my fear of public speaking.  The safe and supportive environment she created allowed me to practice and receive constructive feedback, which was incredibly beneficial. This workshop experience was not only fun, but also refreshing in that it changed my old beliefs on what determines the success of a public speech, and I gained confidence in public speaking after understanding the nature of it.” 

2nd year PPE international student