Amalia Coldea

Senior Research Fellow in Experimental Physics & Condensed Matter Physics

I currently hold an independent research position funded by the EPSRC through a Career Acceleration Fellowship at the University of Oxford alongside my Senior Research Fellowship at Oxford.

Previously, I held a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship at the University of Bristol and University of Oxford. Before that, I was Departmental Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford, after my PhD in Oxford at the Queen’s College. My part-time research work is combined with raising two small children.

I am currently involved with setting up the new Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity (CfAS) and its new research activities in Physics.

I was a member of the Superconductivity Group Committee of the Institute of Physics until October 2012, and the SelCom, EuroMagnet II Selection Committee for access to the high magnetic fields facilities in Europe until December 2012.

Since 2011 I have been organizing the Oxford Symposium on Quantum Materials combined with an expert visitor programme both funded by the EPSRC as well as a Cafe Scientifique dedicated to open discussions on quantum materials.

Find out more about my work here.

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