Louise Mycock

Fellow & Tutor in Linguistics; Associate Professor in Linguistics

My research focuses on syntax and how it interfaces with other aspects of linguistic structure, in particular with intonation and information structure.

I have worked with spoken and written data from languages including Hungarian, Japanese, and Slovenian, as well from different dialects of British English. In my research, I work within the theoretical framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG).

At the undergraduate level, I teach grammar and syntax to Prelims and FHS students in lectures, classes, and tutorials. I am proud to have been shortlisted three times in the category Most Acclaimed Lecturer (Humanities) at the OUSU Teaching Awards, and to have won the award in 2014 when I was a Departmental Lecturer in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.

Further information is available on my website.


A full list is available here: https://users.ox.ac.uk/~cpgl0023/publications.html

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Books, Chapters, Edited Volumes

  • ‘Wh’-question intonation in Standard Colloquial Bengali: A Lexical-Functional Grammar analysis
    Mycock, L, Xu, C & Lahiri, A
    Chapter contribution to “Modular Design of Grammar: Linguistics on the Edge”
    Oxford University Press (2021)
    eds Arka, I W, Asudeh, A & King T H
    Oxford University Press (2021)
    DOI: tbc
  • The Oxford Reference Guide to Lexical Functional Grammar
    Darymple, M, Lowe, JJ & Mycock, L
    Oxford University Press (2019)
    DOI: 10.1093/oso/9780198733300.001.000
  • Syntax and its interfaces: an overview
    Mycock, L
    Chapter contribution to “Syntax-Theory and Analysis. An International Handbook.”
    Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science. 42.1-42.3
    Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter (2015)
    eds T Kiss, A & Alexiadou, A
    DOI: 10.1515/9783110377408.24
  • Special Issue: The prosody-syntax connection
    eds Vincent, N & Mycock, L
    Transactions of the Philological Society 108 (2010) 265
    Table of Contents

Reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Discourse functions of question words
    Mycock, L
    CSLI Publications 419 (2013)
    Proceedings of the LFG13 Conference, University of Debrecen
    eds M Butt & TH King
  • The prosodic encoding of discourse functions
    Mycock, L & Lowe, J
    CSLI Publications 440 (2013)
    Proceedings of the LFG13 Conference, University of Debrecen
    eds M Butt & TH King
  • The prosody-semantics interface
    Dalrymple, M & Mycock, L
    CSLI Publications 173 (2011)
    Proceedings of the LFG11 Conference, University of Hong Kong
    eds M Butt & TH King
  • ‘Wh’-in-situ in constituent questions
    Mycock, L
    CSLI Publications 313 (2005)
    Proceedings of the LFG05 Conference, University of Bergen, Norway
    eds M Butt & TH King
  • The ‘wh’-expletive construction
    Mycock, L
    CSLI Publications 370 (2004)
    Proceedings of the LFG04 Conference, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
    eds M Butt & TH King

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