Amalia Coldea

Senior Research Fellow; Professor of Physics

I am the Group Leader of the Quantum Matter in High Magnetic Fields and I am a Senior Research Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford. 

I am involved with setting up the new Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity (CFAS) and its new research activities in Physics. Since 2011 I have been organizing the Oxford Symposium on Quantum Materials combined with an expert visitor programme both funded by the EPSRC as well as a Cafe Scientifique of Quantum Materials dedicated to open discussions on quantum materials.

My research aims to probe experimentally the physics emerging in novel materials as result of the strong correlations between electrons. In particular, my current interest focuses to understand the electronic structure of iron superconductors, metallic systems on magnetically frustrated lattices and topological superconductors by using quantum oscillations. Quantum oscillations probe directly the Fermi surface of metallic systems or novel superconductors in their normal state. These studies provide direct access to the electronic states which are the basis of developing novel theories and help to the development of novel materials with improved properties. I use a variety of sensitive experimental techniques in high magnetic fields and low temperatures to probe new phases of matter in micron size crystalline materials. My research benefits from access to the highest magnetic fields available in the world and strong international collaboration with material scientists, chemists and theoreticians. 

Previously, I held independent research positions funded by the EPSRC through a Career Accelaration Fellowship at the University of Oxford and a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship at the University of Bristol and University of Oxford. I was Departmental Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford, after my PhD in Oxford at the Queen’s College. I was a member of the Superconductivity Group Committee of the Institute of Physics, and the SelCom, EuroMagnet II Selection Committee for access to the high magnetic fields facilities in Europe. My part-time research work has been combined with raising two children.


Strain-tuning of nematicity and superconductivity in single crystals of FeSe
Michele Ghini, Matthew Bristow, Joseph CA Prentice, Samuel Sutherland, Samuele Sanna, Amir A Haghighirad, Amalia I Coldea
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Linear Magnetoresistance Caused by Mobility Fluctuations in n-Doped Cd3As2
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Evolution of the Fermi Surface of BaFe2(As1−xPx)2 on Entering the Superconducting Dome
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