Somerville’s Development team are responsible for managing Somerville’s relationship with its alumni and for raising funds and support for the college.

Unlike many colleges in Oxford and Cambridge, Somerville has never owned vast holdings of land endowed by wealthy benefactors. From our earliest days, charitable giving from hundreds of alumni and supporters has had a transformational impact: helping to construct virtually all the buildings on our central site, expand our outreach and inclusivity efforts, and support students in need.

Our Development Team, led by the Director of Development, Sara Kalim, work to create a strong and active alumni community and help the college meet the challenges of the future.

The Development Office

Niamh Walshe

Regular Giving and Alumni Relations Executive
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Melissa Gemmer-Johnson

Database Consultant
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Matt Phipps

Communications Manager
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Clare Finch

Deputy Director of Development (Operations)
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Jack Evans

Communications Officer
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Lisa Gygax

Joint Secretary of the Somerville Association
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Brett de Gaynesford

Deputy Director of Development
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Elizabeth Cooke

Secretary, Somerville Alumni Association
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Jessica Mannix

Director, Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Trust and Campaign Director
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Sara Kalim

Fellow and Director of Development
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