June Raine


Kathleen Kenyon

(1906-1978) – Archaeologist and Head of House Learn More

Lalage Bown

(1927 - 2021) – Adult education specialist and women’s literacy advocate Learn More

Lucy Banda Sichone

(1954-1998) – Human rights activist and educator Learn More

Madeleine Shaw Lefevre

(1835-89) – Principal of Somerville 1879-89 Learn More

Margaret Casely-Hayford

Lawyer, businesswoman and prominent diversity advocate Learn More

Margaret Thatcher

(1925-2013) – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1979-1990 Learn More

Margery Fry

(1874-1958) – Social reformer, Principal of Somerville 1926-1931 Learn More

Mary Somerville

(1780-1872) – Scientist and polymath Learn More

Mary Ward

(1851-1920) – Educationalist and social activist Learn More

Onora O’Neill

Philosopher, Honorary Fellow Learn More

Penelope Fitzgerald

(1916-2000) – Booker Prize-winning writer Learn More